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Compassion Focused Therapy 


Image by Annie Spratt

A Compassion Focused Therapy approach follows a neuroscience perspective and considers evolutionary and attachment theories, teaches Mindfulness to calm the mind and body then implements Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to increase self-awareness of automatic thoughts, emotions and reactions, explores the impact of past experiences then ways to share feelings with significant others while continuing to stay within one's comfort zone.

Self-awareness and increased understanding about the strength of the default mode network of the brain where automatic thoughts, feelings and actions are activated are encouraged to acknowledge initial responses, then practice the strategies learned during psychological sessions with persistence and patience in order to increase self-confidence, improve decision-making and increase self-esteem, with the focus on self-compassion.

To enquire about Rita presenting a workshop for your school or organisation or for Professional Supervision, please call 08 7079 9141

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