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The Institute for Neuroscience and Education (iNEd) is a National Peak Body that focuses on research and training to enhance the principles and pedagogy of applied neuroscience in the educational platform. The paradigm of education has shifted from cognitive performance-based outcomes to integrated thriving learning. This shift is profound in terms of brain development as well as enhanced deep learning. The iNEd facilitates training about the outcomes of neuroscience research through conferences, workshops, and online learning. iNEd collaborates with key stakeholders – Departments and Ministries of Education, schools, and Universities.

iN-Ed Director

Mrs Rita Princi-Hubbard

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The Inaugural Conference for Neuroscience, Education and Wellbeing was the result of a collaboration between iNEd, Independent Schools, Government Departments of Education and key Universities to showcase recent research and directions of effective pedagogy and learning from a neural perspective.  The focus of the conference is to provide educators with a mix of research, brain-based educational products, and strategies to support schools and learning environments to develop a unique approach in the classroom and for schools to develop a culture of brain-based learning.