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Rita provides tailor-made webinar and in-person presentations and workshops to clinicians, educators and parents.  

She also creates workshops linking Compassion Focused Therapy research with a variety of topics, such as managing stress, understanding social relationships, and on ways to increase wellness in order to maximise performance for students, adolescents and adults in various domains including education, psychology, allied health and in the medical, legal and business domains. 

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Neuroscience and Education.

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Neuroscience and Deep Learning for Early Years

& Neuroscience and The Developing Brain for Early Years

Education is experiencing a paradigm shift from fear-based learning (the classical-behavioural approach) to brain-based deep learning (from right-brain to right-brain), which has significant implications for teaching pedagogy. Learning begins the moment a child is born. Learning that takes place under stress results in performance that is based only on fear whereas deep learning that occurs in thriving and enabling environments empowers children and young people to reach their full potential academically, socially, emotionally and physically.  

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Neuroscience and Deep Learning For All


Neuroscience and the Developing Brain for Children and Young People Experiencing Trauma  


Applying Neuroscience Principles -

Neuropsychotherapy with Children


The Neuroscience of Parenting and


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The Neuroscience of Learning for optimal wellbeing

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The Neuroscience of parenting for your child's  optimal wellbeing

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The Brain Based Approach to Learning 


Teachers as First Responders

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The Psychological Report 

What does it all mean?

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The Intentional and Diverse Application of


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Neuroscience and Performance -

How to handle Stress From a Neuroscience Perspective

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Exam Stress and How to Handle it-

Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

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